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Special offer

OUTLETS 也就是奥特莱斯。是品牌折扣店的意思~全国各个地方都有不同的奥特莱斯(OUTLETS)品牌折扣店,楼主可以百度一下~呵呵新年快乐

special offers discounted goods

Today's special

特价房 [网络] special room; 特价房 special room

翻译如下 很深的折扣 sold with big discounts 或sold with huge discounts 例句 商店营业员说如果我一下买三件,他们可以给我打很大的折扣。 The shop assistant said they could give me a big discount if I bought three atonce.

我要特价 I want a special offer 重点词汇释义 特价special offer; bargain price; at a sale

Special delivery 查询结果。

Shoes buy one(pair) get one(pair) free, except speical price

discount 或 off 都是打折的意思。。。 10% discount, 或 10% off。。。 希望帮到你, 满意请采纳或好评, 谢谢!!!


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